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DATALATTE is on a mission to enable all internet users to monetize their data on an anonymous, secure and fair marketplace! Big Tech has been exploiting our data for far too long - we aim to change this by giving you a dataBarista NFT and control over your data in the simplest way.

How it Works

It’s so simple, in just a few clicks...

Step 1
Set up a Wallet
Step 2
Download your Netflix data
Step 3
Login and upload your data
Sit back and receive your passive income

dataBarista NFT

Any new user will be rewarded with a dataBarista NFT. Your NFT can be more than a collectible, it can also become an intelligent tool to earn more, to vote and stake at the DATALLATE.
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What We Offer

Data Privacy
Data Privacy

No raw data is passed on, with Compute-to-Data and Privacy by Design only insights will be monetized.

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dataBarista NFT
dataBarista NFT

Claim your NFT and own a part of DATALATTE. It's like stocks, only fair and more transparent!

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Passive Data Income
Passive Data Income

You have the opportunity to profit from your data, not just the Big Tech!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we can’t say exactly how much you will earn. The data marketplace is still evolving. However, BigTech has been earning billions of dollars from our data and we are confident that you will be well compensated.

We anticipate that the data will be bought by independent scientists, research institutions and universities. The aim is to open up access to good quality data to a larger pool of independent data scientists. At the moment access to quality data is monpolized by big tech companies with deep pockets! DATALATTE would like to give data scientists the opportunity to create applications and products as freelancing businesses.

We are passionate about our users' privacy. The data you upload to our dashboard will have no link to your name, wallet or personal private identity. We use a technique called compute-to-data to ensure your privacy. Compute-to-data enables AI algorithms to process your data. Your data is not seen by humans!

Once the data in our data Marketplace is sold, all data contributors will be rewarded. The income will appear in the wallet that is linked to your DATALATTE account.