Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we can’t say exactly how much you will earn. The data marketplace is still evolving. However, BigTech has been earning billions of dollars from our data and we are confident that you will be well compensated.

We anticipate that the data will be bought by independent scientists, research institutions and universities. The aim is to open up access to good quality data to a larger pool of independent data scientists. At the moment access to quality data is monpolized by big tech companies with deep pockets! DATALATTE would like to give data scientists the opportunity to create applications and products as freelancing businesses.

We are passionate about our users' privacy. The data you upload to our dashboard will have no link to your name, wallet or personal private identity. We use a technique called compute-to-data to ensure your privacy. Compute-to-data enables AI algorithms to process your data. Your data is not seen by humans!

Once the data in our data Marketplace is sold, all data contributors will be rewarded. The income will appear in the wallet that is linked to your DATALATTE account.

We apply a 2% fee on any interaction with your data. You receive the Lion's share of 98%. The 2% fee goes towards our running costs. We reserve the right to adjust this fee going forward. But rest assured we aim to keep transaction fees to a minimum to benefit our users. The aim is to introduce our native token which will benefit all our platform users. We will involve our community in any Tokenomic discussions.

At the moment we are only accepting Netflix viewing history data. However, we have plans to include data from many other platforms soon. Our aim is to enable users to securely upload their online data to our Marketplace and be fairly rewarded.

First of all your data is cleaned and anonymized. Then it is encrypted and uploaded to your personal, anonymous storage. Once stored, AI algorithims work on and learn from yours and others data.

AI or artificial intelligence algorithms are scripts or instructions that run data. All AI applications need data to learn. To do this, they search for patterns in large amounts of data. They can gain insights that would not be so easy for humans to recognize. They also help you to monetize your data automatically.

This has several advantages, on the one hand we can guarantee an anonymous user login through the wallet and on the other hand we can transfer your turnover with minimal charge and automatically! Due to the inherent transparent feature of blockchains, how your personal data is being handled is transparent to you and other experts verifying our services. Another feature of the use of blockchain is that you are the sole owner of the private keys. Meaning your security is assured and at any point, you can remove any access to your personal data.

Blockchain is a system for storing information in such a way that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to manipulate, hack, or defraud. As the name suggests - it is a chain of blocks which contains information. Each block in the chain contains a set of transactions. Each time a new transaction takes place a new block is added. Simply put, this means - what is transacted on the blockchain cannot be cheated and it is transparent in nature.

An NFT is more than just digital art on a blockchain. NFTs can have many use cases. Imagine you play a video game and you have your special avatar, NFTs can enable you to verify the ownership of that avatar and everything belonging to it. Imagine that your avatar has the capability of earning money from your data. Through the use of your NFT, you can secure your access to your passive data income and make sure no one else has access to your data.

Every user that uploads data will receive a dataBarista NFT and we link your data to your wallet and place it in our DATALATTE Marketplace. This way your data remains anonymous. Since we only sell the essence of your data, it's just like a barista who is not selling coffee beans, but the taste and the power of the coffee.

dataBaristas are NFTs that have special powers - they are more than just a collectible! They act as a stake in DATALATTE. Each NFT holder will get a piece of our pie. The pie consists of the fees collected through our data marketplace. In addition, all dataBarista owners will have voting rights in our DAO.

Each dataBarista holder can increase the intelligence of their NFT by completing data quests. Data quests can be uploading new data, bringing new people to the DATALATTE Marketplace, and any customized quests that benefit the DATALATTE community. By completing data quests, the NFT holder gains XP (experience points) that increases its share of the pie.

You can find all the details in our Lightpaper! Please feel free to give us any Feedback - join the conversation on Discord.