Databaristas at
your service

Your dataBarista is an NFT that grants you genuine ownership of your digital assets.
  • It is your proof of ownership in datalatte’s platform
  • It is a smart tool that enables you to stake, earn and vote
  • Increases in value with each data contribution aka dataQuest

Your access pass to a
fair data economy

We need strength in numbers to radically alter the existing structures set out to exploit our data. NFT technology is how we can ensure your digital rights are protected and that your digital belongings are owned by you.

Join the movement and be a part of the disruption.
  1. What is an NFT?

    A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is an ERC721 token stored on a blockchain. It acts as a digital certificate of ownership and authenticity.

    Traditionally, paper-based systems are used to prove the ownership and authenticity of assets. These systems are often inefficient, making it hard to transfer assets and leaving room for fraud. However, with blockchain technology, NFTs can be easily verified, traced and the information stored on them is unchangeable.
    In the not-too-distant future, communities will own, control, and operate online platforms.
  1. What are dataBarista NFTs?

    Despite being a one-of-a-kind work of art, a dataBarista NFT is far more than just a digital collectible.
    dataBarista owners can:
    1. Earn XPs
      Only with a dataBarista NFT, can you earn an XP with completing dataQuests.

      dataQuests are activities which you can participate in to increase the value of your dataset. Your first data upload and the minting of your dataBarista NFT is a dataQuest which rewards you, your first XP.

      XPs are minted as ERC1155 and can be used to:
      • Mint a new dataBarista NFT in a next collection
      • Attach to a dataBarista NFT. Once attached it is soul bounded to your NFT. Meaning the ERC1155 is burned and the SBTs are minted.
      • Make use of our data and Ai services, such as our upcoming product: Surveylatte.
    2. Stake & Eat Pie
      dataBarista owners are able to stake them to datalatte’s marketplace and earn a portion of the marketplace fees, aka the Pie. The more XPs that are attached to a dataBarista NFT, the bigger the slice of the pie.
    3. Decide & Vote
      We view every dataBarista owner as a stakeholder and believe that everyone affected by our decisions should have a say in the decision-making process.
      We’re headed towards a future where platforms are owned and governed by the community.
      As a dataBarista holder, you may occasionally be asked to vote on decisions that will influence datalatte's business model and future operations. Each vote is considered a dataQuest which earns you an XP as well.

    No it does not. Your data belongs to you and your identity. NFTs such as dataBarista that can be sold on marketplaces can not represent your identity. Therefore, your data ownership is not attached to dataBarista NFTs. However, we use the same IP ownership technology leveraging NFTs to ensure true ownership of your data.


  • Just like a regular NFT, it can be sold, if you decide to do so. Your data is not attached to your dataBarista NFT. When your data is sold on the marketplace, you still earn from it. However, without dataBarista, you do not earn XPs, eat Pie or vote.

  • Yes, you will still earn data income as long as you do not delete your data profile.

  • You will receive shares of the pie from all of your dataBarista NFTs, however you can only earn XPs with one of them at a time. On the App, you’ll be able to choose which NFT you will be earning XPs with.

  • The option will be enabled once our marketplace goes live. You’ll be able to do it with only one click on in your App.